Solar Testing and Learning Center

French Gerleman recently completed installation of one of the area’s largest and most complex solar arrays, designed to test and demonstrate a wide variety of components and technologies while offering customers an educational environment to help them make informed decisions.  Click here to read more...

French Gerleman Solar Array Project Facts

Location: 2023 Westport Center Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146

Installed Power Capacity: 48.4 kW

Expected Annual Energy Production: 64,548 kWh


  • Four different monitoring systems
  • Three panel technologies of various wattages, 194 total panels installed 
    • SolarWorld 245 Poly - 62 panels
    • SolarWorld 245 Poly Black - 12 panels
    • SolarWorld 255 Mono - 120 panels
  • Three different types of inverter technologies
  • Three different racking solutions

Manufacturers Represented:

French Gerleman Solar Array Project Metrics

Annual Energy Produced: 64,548 kWh

Lifetime Energy Produced1: 1,520,492 kWh

CO2 Emissions Avoided in First Year: 112,404 lbs

CO2 Emission Voided in Lifetime1: 2,810,100 lbs

Equivalencies (Annual):

  • Computers: 204 PCs
  • Light Bulbs (Cells): 1,528 CFLs
  • Barrels of Oil: 124
  • Miles Not Driven: 2,500,000
  • Trees Planted: 93 Acres


1 The term "lifetime" is conservatively set at a duration of 25 years. The solar modules are projected to have an expected lifespan of 35+ years, but for the purposes of these figures, we have used the warrantied life of 25 years.